Instructional Videos:

A Glimpse of Solar

David Quispe created this two-part video series during the ASU QESST REU program in 2016. The project was created as part of a public engagement initiative led by ASU graduate student, Mathew Evans. David’s aim was to educate new solar energy scholars and the general public about Photovoltaics by touching on concepts related to how a specific type of cell (Heterojunction cell) works. Part I reviews fundamental concepts related to how solar cells work and what makes up a Heterojunction cell. Part II provides a general overview of the Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) research that is being done and what the possible effects are by implementing solar technology in our society. David returned to QESST in the summer of 2018 as a Beck Fellow to continue his research in Dr. Zachary Holman’s lab.

Learn more about David’s experience at QESST in these two articles:


Introduction to Photovoltaics

This five-part video series created by QESST REU participants. Rebecca Chavez, Stefen Mercado, Alyssa Graham, and Tien Ngo. These QESST scholars created the series as part of the public engagement initiative led by ASU graduate student Mat Evans.


All about Solar

Edward Lebeau created this video series for his ASU completed his honors thesis project with QESST in spring 2017 when he was an a Barrett Honors student in Electrical Engineering at ASU. Edward created an animated lecture series, aimed at a high-school/early college level audience. Having worked in the ASU Solar Power Lab during his sophomore year, Edward knows the complete cell process. The lecture series includes 10-minute videos recorded in a colloquial style appealing to a broad audience. Edward’s intention was to completely document the process of making silicon-based solar cells to help train students. The project was supported by Michael Goryll, Edward’s thesis director, as well as Stuart Bowden, Chris Honsberg, and Som Dahal who provided materials and assistance.

Here’s a link to a story on ASU News about Edward and his project  (PDF version here).



From Paradise to Capitol Hill

Watch Pablo Guimerá Coll’s talk, From Paradise to Capitol Hill!  Pablo was selected to present at Ignite @ ASU Fall 2017:


2017 NSF ERC Perfect Pitch Contest Winner

Check out our very own QESST Scholar Sebastian Husein, with the Winner pitch of the 2017 NSF ERC Perfect Pitch Contest:

A photo and story can be found at ASU Now webpage (PDF version here)


Other Videos

Hello, What’s that sound?

Hello, What’s that sound? Is a video created by QESST PI, Marianna Bertoni’s DEfECT lab for the 2016 Flame Challenge. A contest organized by the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University to explain science to young people. Scientists submit short essays and videos based on a science question. Elementary student judges choose the best one related to a different theme each year.

Physics for Good

QESST Scholar, Allison Boley’s, YouTube series, Physics for Good – She Will be highlighting QESST in spring 2019.


Support Material, Outreach Activites

Find here videos to support some of the lessons on the Education website > Lesson Plans.

Amusement Park Outreach Activity

Amusement Park 1 2017-07-19 16.02.02

Amusement Park 2 2017-07-05 16.44.34

Amusement Park 3 2017-07-05 12.19.55