QESST and its Industry Members are driving innovation

The QESST Industrial Membership Program is a cornerstone of the QESST Engineering Research Center. Through the program, QESST research groups partner with a variety of industry members from large and small firms all across the PV value chain. The collaborations help to address the Terawatt Challenge through basic research and application, producing results critical to the future of solar technology.

Prism Solar Lab Visit: QESST Members have the opportunity to learn about industrial solar processes and network with industry partners.

Innovation Partners provide guidance to QESST’s leadership, faculty, and students. That guidance helps ensure that research and educational activities hosted by the center are relevant to the marketplace. Furthermore, conducting market-relevant research through industry collaborations helps QESST students become well prepared for careers industry and helps to translate laboratory research and ideas into real-world practice.

Innovation Partners in turn gain preferred access to student talent across the eight-university, QESST consortium, and derive benefit from the research funding provided by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.

For more information on how to get involved, download the Industrial Membership Program Packet.

For questions about joining the QESST consortium please contact:

John Mitchell
Director of Corporate Engagement
Arizona State University
Email: john.j.mitchell@asu.edu
Phone: 480-242-5329