QESST is improving efficiency, economic viability, and sustainability of PV systems

QESST is developing the knowledge, technology, and engineered systems to provide continuous improvement in the efficiency, economic viability, and sustainability of photovoltaic (PV) systems. To this end, QESST is committed to research that spans the three leading commercial PV technologies: silicon, thin films, and tandem devices. More importantly, QESST is blurring the traditional lines between technologies by recognizing and exploiting their commonalities. The research done within QESST combines thrusts, testbeds, and cross-cutting topics to cover a variety of projects related to both the basic science and application of solar technologies. Topics cover everything from advancing silicon devices to studying novel materials and synthesis techniques. All the projects share certain themes, called cross-cutting topics, related to sustainability, education, and diversity.

3-Plane Diagram, last updated May 11, 2018 Three plane diagram showing the integration of research Thrusts and Testbeds.

Research Thrusts

  1. Terawatt Scale Silicon PV
  2. Tandem Integration with Silicon
  3. Fundamentals for High-Efficiency PV


  1. Student-Led Pilot Line
  2. Next Generation Modules
  3. Identifying Barriers to Terawatt Scale PV

Cross-Cutting Topics

  1. Sustainability
  2. Education
  3. Diversity