QESST Scholars during an SLC Event
QESST Scholars during an SLC Event

If you are new to QESST, there are some steps you can take to acquaint yourself with our organization and the resources that are available to you as a student. The next list is a good place to start, besides talking to your PI and SLC university liaison!


Knowing where you fit in:

  1. ID your affiliated project from the list of QESST Year 7 Research Projects
  2. See how your project connects to others on the 3-plane diagram
    • Explore other Research menues to learn more about the Thrusts, Testbeds, and their current projects and leaders. 
  3. Main QESST webpage: qesst.com

Knowing who to contact:

Outreach project for Tonto Creek Camp. This summer, version 2!
Outreach project for Tonto Creek Camp, 2017
  1. Admins for QESST – Katie Taylor, Katherine.Taylor55@asu.edu, and Bob Sampson, Robert.Sampson@asu.edu
    • Contact them to receive your username and password for qesst.net
      • qesst.com is the medium we use to report any and all poster presentations, conference talks, journal publications, outreach activity, etc. which the National Science Foundation then uses to evaluate us as an Engineering Research Center (ERC)
  2. University Student Liaisons – find the one at your institution
  3. Connect with other QESST Scholars by filling out this form.
    • This will add you to the student leadership council email list to receive announcements about upcoming seminars, events, and find other ways to get involved.
    • Research equipment list across all 8 universities (needs updating): All-QESST equipment info

Getting involved:

  1. Check out the various activities of the student leadership council
  2. Check out upcoming events on the QESST calendar.

Supplementary – What is an Engineering Research Center?

  1. QESST is a National Science Foundation & DOE funded Engineering Research Center (ERC): 
  2. Main areas of focus for the current ~22 (?) ERCs
  3. Other student leadership councils at other ERCs