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QESST Research Experience for Undergraduates Ends Another Successful Summer

The QESST research experience for undergraduates (REU) of 2017 ended another successful summer for those involved. To program was concluded with a poster session where the participating students had the opportunity to present their individual research and accomplishments from the summer. Check out the highlights from the poster session at the QESST twitter page. The […]

UNM Pioneers Antimony Based Solar Cells

QESST researchers at the University of New Mexico are capitalizing on over two decades of experience at the UNM Center for High Tech Materials (CHTM) in antimonide based narrow gap compound semiconductor devices to advance solar technologies. The epitaxial laboratory at CHTM has four molecular beam epitaxy reactors dedicated to the technology, including a fully […]

Quantum-Engineering for Pushing Tandem Solar Cells Conversion Efficiencies toward 50%

Tandem devices based on III-V semiconductors have shown excellent promise for boosting solar cell conversion efficiencies. In particular, the use of a bottom subcell made with dilute nitrogen alloys of these semiconductors in a 3-cells series-connected tandem configuration already has shown practical conversion efficiencies in the range of 44%. Nevertheless, thus far access to higher […]

QESST researchers grow novel InGaN alloys

A collaboration between QESST researchers at Georgia Tech and Arizona State University has developed and demonstrated high quality InGaN thin films with high In compositions. These films show high optical properties that result from full-strain relaxation and uniform chemical composition profiles, in a range that was previously thought not possible. Thick InGaN films grown on […]