Site Visit Information

This year's poster highlights areas of interest for our Site Visit, like Sustainability and State of the Art.
This year’s poster highlights areas of interest for our Site Visit, like Sustainability and State of the Art.


LINK TO ANNUAL REPORT YEAR 7  (Password Protected)

Read this year’s Annual Report Project Summaries


  • Sunday, May 6, 8:30am-5pm: Student Retreat @ Bartlett Lake, all scholars including post docs are welcome! RSVP here
  • Monday, May 7: Site Visit Rehearse
  • Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10: Site Visit
  • More events will be added as details are confirmed!


  1. For planning purposes, we want to know who is coming to Site Visit and when! Please RSVP here, tentative dates of attendance are fine. Every research project should be represented by at least one poster at the poster session on Tuesday 8th, more is better! Even if you are not presenting a poster, you are highly encouraged to attend as much of Site Visit as possible, including the Student Retreat on Sunday, April 23.
  2. If you plan on attending the Sunday 5/6 Student Retreat, RSVP here ASAP. Everyone is welcome to join!
  3.  FILL OUT THE SWOT SURVEY. This is a questionnaire on our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats required by NSF for all Engineering Research Centers. I know more than 17 scholars have useful feedback/important opinions. Make your voice heard!


Please find The Poster Template Here  with which to prepare your research poster for Site Visit. Posters need to be submitted by Friday, April 27 for review and printing. More details to come. Please look over the poster submission guidelines for instructions.  A few rules/suggestions for your poster:

  1. Address all questions in the boxes. In other words: you MUST discuss the state of the art and sustainability. If you aren’t sure how, ask us!
  2. Boxes can be resized/added if you want, but the idea is to make this a “Results arena” layout, giving the result the most valuable real estate on top for the interesting/important stuff.
  3. Margins for the document are marked. Don’t put text/figures outside or it might not print properly.
  4. Font: Arial for main text and titles, >20pt. NO serif fonts (i.e. don’t put Times New Roman in your figures or anywhere else)
  5. Length: good rule of this is ~800 max per poster. Sentence spacing ≥1.
  6. Useful tips for spacing and other details:
  7. Colors: make sure your message gets across, even for colorblind audience members. Run it through this simulator to check!
  8. File type: please save as a PDF. We also highly suggest you test print a small version to make sure important colors turn out as a expected. Prints will be done in CMYK, powerpoint uses RGB.
  9. Thrust/Project TitlesThrust/Project Titles: You do not need to write this on your poster, but you will need to know if for the poster session.You can find the thrust and project titles included in this years’ annual report or here List of QESST Projects. Work with your colleagues and PI’s to determine which project your work falls under. It may be an unlisted project.
  10. Demos are welcome: reply to this email if your demo has special needs.

If you are interested in helping review posters prior to printing to check for completeness and compatibility, please e-mail it to


As always, please feel free to send any questions to Please continue to pay attention to QESST emails/newsletters leading up to Site Visit, even if you cannot attend. They are all important!