Scholars invited to Professional Development Seminar Series

All QESST Scholars are invited to the first panel of  “Excelling Beyond the Lab: A Professional Development Seminar Series” for MSE Graduate Students will take place TODAY sept. 14.

Title: “The many career paths for MSE-PhD’s ”

Description: You might be surprised by all the career options available to STEM PhD’s. Why not start thinking about your next steps now? A
panel of MSE PhD’s from a variety of career paths will be available to answer your questions and tell you about their transition/recent endeavors.
Dr. Will Bowman, MIT
Dr. Qianlang Liu, Intel
Dr. Brian Sneed, Cabot Microelectronics (previously at ORNL)
Dr. Dalton Sycks, Boston Consulting Group
Recurring time/location: bi-weekly on Fridays fro 2-3 PM , ERC 490 * Food will be provided on a first come, first serve basis*
Panel Organized by the Materials Graduate Student Commmunity @ ASU (All QESST Scholars Invited)