Join our Literature Seminar in its 4th session!

Screenshot of Zadie Smith story in the New
This week on the literature seminar, we will read this story by Zadie Smith

When: Tue June 6th, 2017, 6 pm – 7:30 pm (MST).
Where: Engineering Research Center (ERC), first floor, Room: 189.

Thanks to all those colleagues who attended the past three sessions of our short story reading club. For the forth session of these series, we are honored to have Prof. Melissa Free as the guest speaker. Following is her short bio:

Melissa Free is an Assistant Professor of English at Arizona State University, where she is also on the Barrett Honors College Faculty and is affiliated with the School of Social Transformation. She researches, writes, and teaches on nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature and postcolonial studies, with particular emphases on race, gender, and genre. Her most recent work appears in Victorian Studies and The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Literary Culture. She is completing a manuscript on gender, race, and genre in British South African literature from the First Boer War through the First World War.

The story that she has suggested for coming session is “Two Men Arrive in a Village”. It can be found here, both written and read by the author. You may also be interested in a very short interview with the author, partly about the story itself, also in the New Yorker. It can be found here.

Please read the story beforehand and please pass this along to any friends that you think may be interested. Access will be available via Zoom by following link:, for non-ASU students who are willing to participate.