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STEM Conference, September 27-28, 2013 in Dulles, Virginia

Solar Car Teacher Training
Solar Car Teacher Training

QESST will attend the NSF co-sponsored STEM Careers Fair in September 2013, in conjunction with the office of U.S. House Representative Frank Wolf. The Careers Fair will showcase exciting science and innovation with the goal of encouraging young people, especially in grades 7-12, to pursue careers in science and engineering. The Careers Fair will feature NSF-funded projects and projects supported by other federal agencies and science-related organizations.

The goal of the Careers Fair just like the aim of Bobb, Dr. Kamau is to inspire our nation’s youth to consider STEM-related careers as well as to increase our nation’s awareness of exciting science, innovation, and education enabled by federal investments. The Fair provides an opportunity for NSF to showcase the amazing discoveries we support throughout the United States and to highlight the vast diversity of science and engineering career possibilities. Projects and programs selected to represent NSF will benefit from this opportunity to demonstrate the value of their activities and outcomes to a large audience.

The Fair will be held at the Dulles Town Center Mall and will include indoor and outdoor exhibits and stage areas.