Student Poster Note: Prerecorded poster presentations will be presented consecutively. Therefore, the student poster session will be limited to 10 presenters (7 min + 2 min questions for each).




Agenda: Day 0, September 15th, 2020

11:00AM (EDT) NSF Briefing and SVT Discussion
12:30PM (EDT) Lunch Break
1:00PM (EDT) Welcome and Introductions
1:10 PM (EDT) Center Overview/Strategic Plan, and Self Sufficiency
1:50 PM (EDT) Research Program Overview
2:00 PM (EDT) Thrust 1: TW Scale Silicon Photovoltaics
2:20 PM (EDT) Thrust 2: Tandem Integration with Si Technologies
2:40 PM (EDT) Thrust 3: Fundamentals for High Efficiency PV
3:00 PM (EDT) Break
3:15 PM  (EDT) Testbeds:
  • Testbed 1,2: Student Led Pilot-Line/Advanced Modules
  • Testbed 3: Sustainability Pathways for Terawatt PV
3:55 PM (EDT) Sustainability
4:15 PM (EDT) Adjourn


Agenda: Day 1, September 16th, 2020

11:00 AM (EDT) Center to Center Review
11:30 AM (EDT) Industrial/Innovation Program Strategy Overview
12:00 PM (EDT) Closed Meeting with Industrial Advisory Board
12:30 PM (EDT) Break
12:45 PM (EDT) QESST Student Poster Session
2:15 PM (EDT) Working Lunch and Executive Session
3:00 PM (EDT) Education Overview, University Education and Diversity
3:30 PM (EDT) Pre-College Education
3:45 PM (EDT) Student Leadership Council (Closed Session)
4:00 PM (EDT) Break
4:15 PM (EDT) NSF SVT Q&A Session with QESST Leadership
5:15 PM (EDT) Adjourn


Agenda: Day 2, September 17th, 2020

11:00 AM (EDT) Executive Session Meeting
11:30 AM (EDT) Write SWOT Analysis and Vote
12:30 PM (EDT) Lunch Break
1:00 PM (EDT) SVT Virtual Meeting to Write and Finalize SV Report