The Objective of IMPaCT is to link QESST Scholars with industry mentors, to give a perspective from the solar and/or semiconductor industry; discuss career strategy, research trends, and how research in an academia setting may differ to that of industry

Mentor’s Signup Information:

Sign up or send questions to
As a mentor, you would provide an invaluable resource to a graduate student to develop their professional skill set and give insight into the differences between industry and academia settings. This program gives you the opportunity to pass along your knowledge of “life after grad school” and directly impact the next generation of PV or semiconductor innovators, build and strengthen relationships with universities engaged in revolutionizing solar energy, and discuss vital topics such as:
  • economics & market dynamics of PV – industry-relevant research trends
  • potential career paths for Masters and Ph.D.s
  • dual career issues
  • work-life balance and integration
  • women in STEM fields
  • minorities in STEM fields
…& a whole host of other topics as determined by you and your mentee.

Program guidelines: 

  • Commitment to mentee lasts from July 2017 – May 2018
  • Frequency of meeting is Mentor/Mentee decision, but once per quarter is expected minimum
  • Type of meeting is Mentor/Mentee decision (e.g., Phone calls, in-person, Skype)
  • Topics of discussions are Mentor/Mentee decision
  • No limit to number of Mentors from 1 company
  • Sebastian Husein & Joe Karas ( are points of contact for questions or issues which arise
  • Student CVs and short bios are provided to mentor volunteers; mentors indicate 1st and 2nd choice mentees, then are matched accordingly while trying to honor 1st choices when possible