The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is comprised of representatives from each participating university.

The active QESST SLC has established the following goals:

  • establish and encourage clear lines of communication with a database of names, email address, and areas of research of all students and faculty participating in QESST research;
  • build and cultivate student community and cohesiveness across partner universities: through group activities, seminars, meetings;
  • promote the sharing of creativity and innovation among students for the progression of PV science and technology.


SLC Leadership 2017-2018

President: Alex Killam, ASU

Vice-President: Alex Routhier, ASU

University Liaisons
Caltech: Philip Jahelka
University of Arizona: Benjamin Chrysler
Arizona State University: Max Cotton; Simone Bernardini; Abhinav Chikhalkar
University of New Mexico: Emma Renteria
University of Houston: Michael Fitchette
University of Delaware: Nicholas Valdes
MIT: Zhe Liu
Georgia Tech: Ehsan Vadiee

Team Leads:
Industry Mentorship Program Team Leads: Sebastian Husein, ASU

Outreach Activities Team Leads: Joe Carpenter , ASU; Alex Killam, ASU; Silvana Ayala Pelaez , UofA

Welcome Package/QESST Identity Team Lead: Rebecca Glaudell, ASU

Website Maintenance Team Leads: Tara Nietzold, ASU; Silvana Ayala Pelaez, UofA
Website Content Generation Team Leads: Pradyumna Muralidharan, ASU; Pradeep Balaji, ASU; Benjamin Chrysler, ASU

Conference Coordination Team Leads: Sangpyeong Kim, ASU; Ehsan Vadiee, GaTech;
PVSC: Alex Killam, ASU; Alex Routhier, ASU
Fall MRS 2017: André Augusto, ASU; Tara Nietzold, ASU
Spring MRS 2018: Yongjie Zou, ASU; Tara Nietzold, ASU
West Coast Conference: Pablo Guímera Coll, ASU; Abhinav Chikhalkar, ASU
East Coast Conference: Abhishek Iyer, UDEL; Ehsan Vadiee, GaTech

Site Visit Student Coordination Team Lead: Simone Bernardini, ASU

Annual Site Visit Team Leads:
Site Visit Coordination: Yongjie Zou, ASU; Genevieve Hall, ASU
Student Retreat: Ehsan Vadiee, GaTech; Alex Killam, ASU

Seminars/Workshops Team Leads: Sebastian Husein, ASU; Joe Karas, ASU; Genevieve Hall, ASU; Mark Bailly, ASU; Yongjie Zou, ASU; Rebecca Glaudell, ASU; Alex Routhier, ASU; Nicole Nowakowski, ASU; Silvana Ayala Pelaez, UofA; Zhe Liu, MIT;

New Positions:
Weekly Research Calls Lead: Rebecca Glaudell, ASU
Calendar Lead: Silvana Ayala Pelaez, UofA
Advocacy Leads: Mohammad Mehdi Leilaeioun, ASU; April Jeffries, ASU
Podcast/Videos: Joe Karas, ASU; Sebastian Husein, ASU
LinkedIn Lead: Khim Kharel, ASU
Twitter Lead: Joe Karas, ASU
Mock Interview Practice Session: Sebastian Husein, ASU
Outside SLC Coordination: Pablo Guímera Coll, ASU; Sebastian Husein, ASU
Feedback Coordinator: Pablo Guímera Coll, ASU