ASU ERC Development Workshop

Webinar image: Applying for PostDocs and Faculty Positions

CBBG, NEWT, and QESST are excited to offer a combined-ERC workshop titled, “Applying for Post-Doc and Faculty Positions” for students interested in academia career paths. We will be hearing from faculty how to become more attractive future candidates for academia positions based on their wide-ranging experiences and knowledge.Stay tuned to hear who our panelists are! […]

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Life Cycle Analysis Webinar this Friday

Dwarak Triplican, speaker for Webinar on 3/2/2017 on Lifetime Cycle Analysis

Dwarak Triplican Ravikumar (PostDoct in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering at ASU) will be presenting on the life–cycle environmental impacts of PV with a special focus on the need to improve PV manufacturing. This webinar has been rescheduled for this Friday, 3/3, at 12pm MST. You can join the call on Zoom at Zoom link here! […]

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