Month: October 2012

ASU Discovers: Harnessing the Sun

Channel 8 program “ASU Discovers” on October 22 included a segment on the Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST) Engineering Research Center featuring Matt Fraser (QESST Executive Director and Sustainability Director), Christiana Honsberg (QESST Director), and Chantal Arena (QESST Industry partner, Soitec Phoenix Labs).


PVCDROM available in Korean

The PVCDROM, authored by Chris Honsberg and Stuart Bowden, has been translated into Korean. The Korean version is available as a 12 Mb free download from the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER). The PVCDROM is an electronic book on PV. It can either be read from start to finish as a course on photovoltaics […]


QESST solar panel cupcakes win United Way decorating contest

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Dean’s office research team won a prize with their QESST solar panel cupcakes–best research themed cupcake.  The cupcake decorating contest and bake sale was held to raise money for United Way. The solar panels, constructed with frosting covered graham crackers, may not have high efficiency, but they attracted a lot […]